Challenge of the week…

  • Easy level…
  • Press up x50 rep
  • squats x50 rep
  • burpees x50 rep
  • Mid level…
  • shoulder tap push ups ( tap both shoulders with opposite hand and do push up) x30
  • Jump squat x30
  • push up burpee x30 (If you can go through it 1 more time)
  • Hard
  • jumping press up x50
  • jumping squat into lunges (1 squat, jump into a lung with left leg forward then jump switch legs and that 1 rep) x50
  • push up burpee x60

Post your time in the comment!

Also tell me how difficult it was. Should next weeks be harder? easier? I might also create 2 to 3 different challenges in a week or a month. Let me know how you get on and ill be posting my time in the comments too.

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I am the writer and creator of Inv3st, a money blog. I also operate a private account, 1rishpher0, which talks about real world issues, me as person and anything else we want to talk about or expose! (aside from money and investing as that's done on Inv3st).

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