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What is this all about?

At the moment this site is a sports blog. Where I will post about everything I have and will learn in the future. I will talk about sports psychology, how to improve your training and including testing to help with motivation and so much more.

What’s in the Future?

I Wish to turn this site into a business once I get the right qualifications and get a better understanding of the finer details of being a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer entail.

I wish to turn this page into my business, where I’ll keep the blog going but at the same time be able to produce workout plans, help people understand how their brain works in sporting situations. But the main goal is going to be able to help people reach their fitness and sporting goals, no matter how high they are!


Cohesion is needed for a effective group  Task cohesion  This is where you might not like the person but you both know you have a job to do and you get it done. A good example of this would be Ribery and Robben at their primes in Byrne Munich. (link) This link shows they startedContinue reading “Cohesion”

About Me

I currently am a student, studying BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport Performance and Excellence, where I am going to go onto study to become a strength and conditioning coach and a personal trainer.

I wish to be able to extend my knowledge by working with you. and this website!

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