Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I plan on writing a lot more in the new year. I will be looking to write a lot more. A problem I have is I set this website (and business) up to promote or be a personal trainer but I need to a certificate for that and I still need to get it. At the same time I am looking to get to be a strength and conditioning coach.

What does this mean? This page, as I explain on the home page, will be a blog for a while. I have never done that before. I’m still not to sure how to write it up and how much time I need to put into each one and I guess I’m figuring it out but anyway More to come in 2020 and I should be able to post more.

Hope your all having a great break and getting ready to come back strong in 2020!

Published by 1rishpher0

I am the writer and creator of Inv3st, a money blog. I also operate a private account, 1rishpher0, which talks about real world issues, me as person and anything else we want to talk about or expose! (aside from money and investing as that's done on Inv3st).

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